For a quick reference or idea of who I am..

I am an inspired artist, looking at the world from a unique perspective with my focus on creating authentic and original artwork. These are 10 values that are a key to my idea of a joyful-fun-loving life. 



I believe anyone can take a good photo, it’s simple really, put the camera on an automatic setting and press the shutter button. And the odds of getting a photo you like are high because you are personally doing the work and creating the image.

So why's my photography different or unique? I'd say it boils down to the extensive life and photography experiences I have had and the natural presence and mindset I create in each image. I think when you are looking at photography there’s a depth in the work that shows the artists stroke or in this case perspective in which he/she sees life. Through this unique stroke you either resinate with how the photographer sees life or you don't.

A part of my unique stroke is to be in constant appreciation of the experience I am having and know that its in this appreciation that I find unique insight and motivation to create compelling images. Another, is to be in appreciation of the experiences I have had as a professional photographer and a human that contributed to my artistic "stroke". I love it so much when others appreciate my work knowing the road I have travelled to get here and I am learning to love it when they don't..

Passion to create fuels my days and can be found in silent contemplation. There's been countless experiences in my work when I've come out of silent contemplation and into inspiring thoughts and then through the lens an image creates itself. So you could say a big part of my passion comes from witnessing this magical connection with the unseen energy that animates life and how it can be perceived through an image.

Other things to know hmmm not sure right now, but if you would like to know more just reach out to me and would be a pleasure to hear from you.