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Salty Stoke

Satlstein, Norway


For me, travel, surf and photography fit perfectly together.

So when I was flown to Norway to shoot a wedding last year, I planned to explore the Nordic surf scene while I enjoyed the Scandinavian experience. Fortunately, I didn’t have to venture very far to taste the surf, the groom Espen Evertson, surfs and his home break (Saltstein) is in his back yard – Larvik.

A photographer and sponsored surfer, Espen’s a former grommet of Saltstein and has the place dialed when its on. So, fortunately we were able to score some Nordic summer surf before the wedding. The wave on this day was inconsistent, onshore and not at all epic, but nonetheless I was so happy to be there. After experiencing the stoke and dedication of these guys, I feel an immense passion to post a few shots of their slice of paradise.

Maybe it was the 2 cups of coffee we had beforehand or maybe it was because everyone was super excited about the wind swell. Either way, being out in the water with these salty Vikings felt like riding a wet roller coaster with a wet suit on.

So, I asked my friend “what’s the best tide to surf on here?” His reply came with a puzzled look “Best tide?? We just surf when there’s waves for as long as we can!”

– Love the simplicity in that!