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Cecilie & Espen, Norway


I am witnessing love, creating lasting moments splashed on the canvas of our life.

I shared Cecilie and Espen’s love for each other during this shoot and their wedding day in Larvik, Norway. This pre wedding warm up shoot was about discovering personalities, favorite poses, preferred locations and establishing a coziness deeply-rooted within us to share on their wedding day and beyond.

After creating this connection, the camera begins to capture these treasured moments shared between the couple, while the photographer sits back with a handful of popcorn watching the movie unfold in front of him.

Both Cecilie and Espen are photographers. Espen is a professional photographer specialising in portraits, weddings and travel. After this pre wedding shoot, I received feedback on how confident they were for me to take the reins and retell their special day, knowing that I would record who they are and the life they have created together.  Any doubts were washed away around the photography and they felt free to enjoy their beautiful celebration having communicated their vision and style though a warm up pre wedding shoot.

The feedback, comfort and extended relationship formed through these shoots are priceless and would recommend one to any bride to be.