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Finding Inspiration: Belongil Beach

5.30am My alarm goes off and realize I’ve organized to shoot the sunrise with a friend. Slowly, I challenge myself to get out of bed in the dark, dress, grab my gear and make my way to the car. All the while hoping it’s gonna be a great morning to shoot. Arriving at my friend’s house near Belongil 10 minutes later i’m feeling more awake  and ready to make the most of the morning light.

Quickly, we decide on a destination and gauging by the colour in the sky and the time – we’ve gotta move fast! Belongil it is!

We scamper onto the beach and start exploring perspectives and style. The morning is fresh, a balm of salty mist surrounds, early risers exercise their minds and body while waves rhythmically wash back and forth. The sand is now a smooth-blank canvas freshly groomed from the previous days enjoyment.

Both of us find pleasure being outside behind a lens exploring life. Especially, I enjoy the silence, stillness and focused concentration that abounds the experience. Today, I am extra happy to be shooting with Carly Brown (freelance photographer) with our inspiration bouncing off each other as we play with the morning light, shaping and recording the experience with our camera’s.

However, not all of the experience is enjoyable. Moving around and exploring the scene ends with wet shoes and a sandy camera in the search for something different before the sun’s performance.

The sunrise at Belongil Beach has a stunning vantage point of Cape Byron that lights up during the sun’s morning climb. This morning was no exception with the sun and overshadowing clouds giving the cape an extra special glow. The sun’s presence was temporarily missing until it burst amongst the clouds throwing shadows, highlights, reflections and a variety of colours creating a fun playground to explore and capture.

It’s difficult to tell in the dark when I first wake if I’ll experience a good sunrise. I am finding the most successful way is to just go and look and watch for something amazing to happen. I feel just going worked today!

Just going in the dark on a cloudy day mixed with the beach, waves, trees, people and delighted dogs made it a fantastic experience and place to witness the magic light of the earth spinning around. I will be keeping it among my many favourite spots in Byron Bay!

A Whales Tale

Recently we went on an unforgettable adventure experiencing a whales life as they migrate up and down the east coast. The trip started with strong northerly winds, slamming waves and churning stomachs as we motored 28 hours north to Hervey Bay.

The oncoming swell, constant diesel engines and the up and down sea saw ride sent our belly’s grumbling and churning.  We felt very much at peace arriving at the southern tip of Fraser Island where we anchored and rested in the shelter from the strong wind and swell.

The next morning, a thick fog surrounded us giving off a very eerie feeling. The nearby dolphins were fishing in the fog, trumpeting out their blowholes as they swam around our boat giving the morning a unique-priceless feeling.

Along the way whales were throwing themselves out of the water in what seemed like a competition to see who could have the most fun.  It seemed like the whales sole job was to have a whole lot of fun and teach their young to do the same.

Once at the northern tip of Fraser Island, it was unreal to have these giant mammals swimming casually by the boat saying hello with a fin or two or sending their sonar communication through the water and our thin hulls.

We could literally hear the whales singing and talking while sitting in our cabins. I had to pinch myself to realize it wasn’t a recorded audio.  After jumping off the boat and swimming in the water the noise became even more amplified and the experience more unreal.

It was a magic time experiencing the whales migration in the company of good people, food, cups of tea, beautiful light and changing landscapes. I especially enjoyed the myriad of colours throughout the days and the ever-changing landscapes. I was challenged to capture something unique in a confined space, but it allowed me to play around with the changing light and new environment. The conditions coupled with the wildlife made for an unforgettable time and a quick weight loss program haha

Spring Beginnings


A beautiful transition time with spring fresh air and clear skies.

I wanted to capture the local beaches during the sunrise with my Zeiss 50mm at a low perspective to emphasise what it feels like to be at these beautiful locations in the Byron Shire, Australia. I enjoy the minimalistic nature of these shots and the bokeh produced with this lens is nothing short of amazing! The images were mostly shot on F4, ISO 50 with varying shutter speeds.

With such beautiful colours and levels of luminance my mind feels guilty if i’m not outside enjoy the morning. I have a healthy addiction to the sunrise, much like dark chocolate… and for me its the best time of the day to prepare myself for life and bring myself back to my true nature. I feel excited when the sun is peaking over the horizon announcing a fresh start; and the feeling becomes entrenched in my day when coupled with the joyful chorus of the birds celebrating a new day.

Broken Head

Broken Head

Brunswick Heads

Main Beach 


Little Wategoes