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Kirstin & Scott

Kirstin and Scott shared their admiration for each other in the midst of rolling hills, billabongs and a sun seared landscape on a country farm in Thornton, Victoria. Both Kirstin and Scott fall head over heels for the ocean and subsequesntly, each other. Kirstin’s the head photographer for the World Surf League and when she needed ride in a jet ski at the Bells event, Scott was there to whisk her off her feet. Their beautiful celebration avoided catastrophe from the intense weather, cooling down with plenty of laughter, fun, love and some afternoon clouds. Love these two and the lengths they travel for love.

“Dan captured every moment of our day beautifully. His ability to use natural light and incorporate dramatic landscapes into his frames, has meant that we have a collection of imagery that not only documents all the special moments of our day but truly showcases the stunning scenery of our venue” – Kirstin Scholtz official photographer for the World Surf League


Kirstin & Scott - Ridgley Hewitt

Kirstin & Scott - Ridgley Hewitt (48 - 74)-2



Cecilie & Espen Larvik Norway


It was such a joy to be the photographer and a guest at this stunning Norwegian summer wedding.  Even though, I was on the opposite side of the world, I felt very much at home with these creative friends and their loving families. I was touched and moved on many occasions by the Norwegians coziness and willingness to share open heartedly in life. The creative vision for their day was a fun adventure and the party went well into the night with much laughter, many smiles and a barn full of good times.

“If you are so lucky to get Daniel as the wedding photographer, you are in good hands. He is very professional, easy to work with and is all about capturing the natural and special moments that fill your day. Combining his skills in landscape photography with an empathetic approach, he connects with his clients and manages to create amazing images that tell a story. He is not afraid to push the limits in a creative manner, which results in both interesting and unique images. Cecilie and I had Dan over to shoot our traditional Norwegian barn wedding and we could not have been more satisfied with the results. It was a pleasure to be able to work with Dan. “ – Espen, Norwegian photographer 



[ Cecilie & Espen’s location shoot ] 


A Cows Life Limited Edition Print


See the beautiful “A Cows Life” available in a one off handcrafted frame now exhibiting at the Bay leaf Café, Byron Bay. This inspiring moment was captured in the foothills of Byron looking towards the iconic Cape Byron lighthouse. The heavens parted shining light upon the contented cows munching on their morning breakfast and catching up on the latest fresh patch of grass.

Contact me to enlighten your home or office environment with your limited edition print (20×30 inches) of A Cows Life.



A Cows Life in a hand made rustic frame with recycled Australian hardwood.

Cecilie & Espen, Norway


I am witnessing love, creating lasting moments splashed on the canvas of our life.

I shared Cecilie and Espen’s love for each other during this shoot and their wedding day in Larvik, Norway. This pre wedding warm up shoot was about discovering personalities, favorite poses, preferred locations and establishing a coziness deeply-rooted within us to share on their wedding day and beyond.

After creating this connection, the camera begins to capture these treasured moments shared between the couple, while the photographer sits back with a handful of popcorn watching the movie unfold in front of him.

Both Cecilie and Espen are photographers. Espen is a professional photographer specialising in portraits, weddings and travel. After this pre wedding shoot, I received feedback on how confident they were for me to take the reins and retell their special day, knowing that I would record who they are and the life they have created together.  Any doubts were washed away around the photography and they felt free to enjoy their beautiful celebration having communicated their vision and style though a warm up pre wedding shoot.

The feedback, comfort and extended relationship formed through these shoots are priceless and would recommend one to any bride to be.



The Shy Crab



A splendour of clouds graced the sky drifting amidst a vivid dawn light. Glancing to my right, I notice a little crab starring back at me. He was saying “What are you doing here, what are you?”. Captivated by his curiosity I dismounted my camera and began snapping photos while he fixed his intense gaze upon me. Suddenly, without a word he ran off towards the ocean, leaving me transfixed in the connection we momentarily shared.

Shortly after his spontaneous departure, an oncoming wave washed over him and I guessed soon he would disappear into the sea. However, I was surprised to see the wave wash back out to sea leaving this curious crab starring back at me. Sinking deep into the sand, he remained frozen offering me another fleeting moment to share. Seizing the opportunity, I leaped onto the soft sand, crawling my way to a very short distance.  I adjusted my manual focus 50mm lens to a shallow depth of field and began focusing on his eyes hoping to convey this mesmerizing moment between us. As if on queue, the sun in all its glory began rising out of the ocean intensifying the scene by providing a striking background to match this captivating moment.

AWARD WINNING – Peoples Choice Award for the Best photograph at the Endless Sunrise Exhibition 2012

The Rustic Frame

The timber (rose wood) used in this frame is recycled and sourced from a historic Byron home on Johnson Street. The old interior boards have been hand selected and crafted for this piece. Using old fashioned framing methods, I joined the frame using a series of wedges and brackets  to act as a clamp. I reinforced the joins with large triangles and wood glue improving the overall strength. A wash of vanish has been used to protect and seal the wood with a final coat of bees wax to soften the surface.