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Prenatal Yoga


I’m an addict when it comes to physical exercise and looking after my body and if I’m not getting some form of exercise I can feel my body & mind entering a sluggish mode of being. This not only affects my mood and general well being but also my inspiration and ability to create beautiful images in stillness and concentration while I’m shooting.

So, I’m a big believer in yoga as a form of exercise, calming the mind and bringing myself back to the creative field of photography and conscious decision making. And you can imagine I was so happy to photograph prenatal yoga images for an upcoming local business (Thrive Yoga) in Byron Bay, comprehending how important yoga can be for expecting mothers with restricted exercises and activities.



One of my favourite moments during Cecilie & Espen’s wedding in Norway happened after a gale force wind storm tore through the reception. Fortunately, most of the reception had been set up in the old traditional Norwegian barn, laughter and love silenced the howling wind. We were safe inside the sturdy storm resistant barn as the wind flung the outside marquees onto nearby cars.

There’s a special light after a storm passes and when I began seeing the soft glowing light peaking through the gaps in the barn I asked the bride and groom to come with me outside and play in the beautiful light. They were all to happy knowing what I was talking about. We felt so alive in the storms ambience creating moving images after the destructive force had passed.